CINETic Awards: The Best Interactive Project of The Steamer Salon 2016

the steamer salon 3

Romanian writer/director Ioana Mischie was awarded with The Best Interactive Project of The Steamer Salon 2016, an international platform designed for building VR worlds and interactive storytelling journeys.


“Who are we made of?”, the participative documentary directed by Romanian writer/director Ioana Mischie and designed by Israel-based Noam Saban have won The Interactive Award of The Steamer Salon. The international Steamer Lab was organized by the Steamer Salon, with the support of Samsung and the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television that took place in Tel Aviv, Israel in March 2016.

The award will facilitate a long-term collaboration between the Romanian author and the specialists of Racontr, the French-based platform designed to code, design and showcase interactive documentaries worldwide. Nationally-wise, the project is supported by Storyscapes, a Romanian NGO and by CINETic, the recently founded research institute dealing with neuroscience, VR, AR, MR. 

Among the first major  interactive Romanian projects, “Who are we made of?” is not solely an artistic credo, but also a scientific research into portraying the mental roots of each of the participants, based on virtual databases and live-research methods that trace  our mental DNA through spotting the heroes of our personal heroes.  

Conceptually-wise, “the interactive playground aims to explore our deepest mental roots, through investigating and tracing the chain of personal role models that layer each of us. It aims to become an immersive perpetuum mobile into our inspiration’s DNA.” as Ioana Mischie describes it.

Who are we made of?” is researching the mental DNA of each participant, aiming to reveal both individual insights on tracing our personal role models in time and space and scientific collective insights upon mass inspirational patterns.

The Steamer Lab was the creative incubator of the project, where the idea was developed from scratch and reached an organic prototype stage. Having as trainers and speakers highly prestigious professionals from the VR and interactive field, such as Nonny de la Pena – the pioneer of VR, Gabo Arora, Olia Lialina or Johan Knattrup Jensen, the initiative becomes a highly qualitative marker in the international landscape.

The Steamer Salon is created by Inbal Shirin Anlen – founder and artistic director, interactive creator and digital artist, Adi Lavy – founder and artistic director, photographer and filmmaker, Tal Haring – artistic director of the VR program, scriptwriter and film director.

Ioana Mischie graduated from I.L. Caragiale National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest, where she is currently completing her PhD studies in transmedia storytelling. Her scripts and short films have been selected and awarded in film festivals worldwide. Mischie has directed two documentary webseries for Channel 4, with a record of views on the 4oD platform in UK and she is currently collaborating with the Academy-Awarded Legende Films for her debut feature-length film.

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